Mackmyra Reserve started in Sweden in 2002 because they found that they had many, many whisky enthusiasts who were following their development closely. Mackmyra therefore started to look for a way in which they could give their fans the opportunity to become more involved.

The result was Mackmyra Reserve, your own personal cask of aged malt whisky. You choose from among our various options to create your own whisky. You also control how long your whisky will mature, with expert advice from Mackmyra if you wish. After the first three years of ageing, you decide when your whisky has matured sufficiently to be bottled.

Sounds like you kind of Cask? Learn more at Mackmyra’s site.


Experience The Isle of Skye with a Talisker touch!
The Talisker trek is a three day trek around the rugged and remote isle of Skye in Scotland. The Trek is a combination of classic trekking in Whisky land and learning more about Talisker Whisky.


Read more about the trek on the Talisker Trek campign site.

If you are travelling to New York, make sure you don’t miss Whisky Live.

Whisky Live New York has moved location to Pier Sixty, one of New York’s most spectacular venues with water views. The Event brings a magnificent evening of great whisky, fine food and spectacular entertainment to the heart of New York. Organised by Whisky Magazine during Tartan week, the seasoned whisky lover or novice can expect to experience an incredible and in-depth insight into the world of whisky drinking and producing. This is your chance to become closer to the industry, taste rare and sought-after whiskies from Scotland to Kentucky, increase your knowledge and meet the whisky experts!

Read more about the event at The Whisky Live site.

Viking Line, a Swedish cruise company offers a whisky-cruise on feb 8th.

Get on a plane and fly to the lovely capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Once there, spend some time in our lovely bars and enjoy fine Whisky and women. Follow this up with a whisky-cruise to Finland and back.

The cruise lets you meet Burn Stewart.
After a three course dinner with accompanied whisky you’ll get the chance to try many different malts. The theme is “Burn Stewart Distillers Limited Collection”.

Among others the following will be tried out:
Scottish Leader Blended Malt 14 yo, Ledaig 10 yo and Bunnahabhain Special Limited Edition Port Wood.

Apart from trying different whiskies, you’ll get the chance to shop some special brands only available on Viking Lines tax-free.

Contact Viking Line for more info.

According to multiple sources around the world, this is the ultimate guide to Scottish whisky distilleries, painstakingly researched by Misako Udo: a vital accessory for any dedicated whisky lover. With nearly a hundred working whisky distilleries in Scotland – and hundreds more that have shut down and been lost over the long centuries of Scotland’s infatuation with uisge beatha – there’s a great deal of information to cover and The Scottish Whisky Distilleries is the most thorough and meticulous cataloguing of the whisky industry in Scotland that there has ever been.

Misako Udo was so smitten by the aura of Scotch whisky as a teenager in Japan that she travelled halfway round the world to live in a strange country in which she knew no one, just to be close to its origin. She began to work as a tour guide and has now been a member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association for fifteen years, working with Japanese visitors to Scotland. She has guided everyone from ordinary tourists to whisky-industrial professionals and is an internationally recognised authority on Scottish whisky. After seventeen years in Scotland she has forsaken her Japanese passport and become a British citizen.

The Scottish Whisky Distilleries by Udo (Black & White Publishing) is out now

Personalize your Malt

January 14, 2007

The perfect gift for someone you love.
Unique Malt Labels
For Whisky lovers, this must absolutely be one of the most unique gifts one can give.
Visit Masters of Malts to create your own label

The 2007 edition of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible—the world’s best selling and most influential whisky guide—launched today with the announcement that Old Parr Superior 18 Years Old has scooped the Guide’s coveted top accolade, seeing off over 3,600 other drams.

The annual guide, which has a devoted following of whisky fans worldwide, is compiled by acclaimed whisky expert Jim Murray, who tasted his way through over 1,000 brand new whiskies in the last seven months, in addition to re-tasting almost 300 more, for the long awaited 2007 edition.

Despite tasting over 800 brand new single malts—many at cask strength—it was a type of whisky often claimed to be of inferior quality, a blend, which impressed him most. The Old Parr was awarded 97 points out of 100, equalling the highest-ever score in the Whisky Bible’s history. It racked up 25 out of 25 points for both nose and taste, another 24 for overall balance and 23 for the finish.

Learn more on how to get your hands on it at Jim’s site.