A Japanese perspective on Malts.

January 24, 2007

According to multiple sources around the world, this is the ultimate guide to Scottish whisky distilleries, painstakingly researched by Misako Udo: a vital accessory for any dedicated whisky lover. With nearly a hundred working whisky distilleries in Scotland – and hundreds more that have shut down and been lost over the long centuries of Scotland’s infatuation with uisge beatha – there’s a great deal of information to cover and The Scottish Whisky Distilleries is the most thorough and meticulous cataloguing of the whisky industry in Scotland that there has ever been.

Misako Udo was so smitten by the aura of Scotch whisky as a teenager in Japan that she travelled halfway round the world to live in a strange country in which she knew no one, just to be close to its origin. She began to work as a tour guide and has now been a member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association for fifteen years, working with Japanese visitors to Scotland. She has guided everyone from ordinary tourists to whisky-industrial professionals and is an internationally recognised authority on Scottish whisky. After seventeen years in Scotland she has forsaken her Japanese passport and become a British citizen.

The Scottish Whisky Distilleries by Udo (Black & White Publishing) is out now


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