Mackmyra Reserve started in Sweden in 2002 because they found that they had many, many whisky enthusiasts who were following their development closely. Mackmyra therefore started to look for a way in which they could give their fans the opportunity to become more involved.

The result was Mackmyra Reserve, your own personal cask of aged malt whisky. You choose from among our various options to create your own whisky. You also control how long your whisky will mature, with expert advice from Mackmyra if you wish. After the first three years of ageing, you decide when your whisky has matured sufficiently to be bottled.

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TAOL ESA 1999 is the first whisky from Glann ar Mor Distillery. Just as the construction of Glann ar Mor is about to be completed, to celebrate this event the first whisky from the distillery has just been released, christened TAOL ESA, or “The Essay” in Breton language.


The cask was emptied on 14 May 2004, enabling the bottling at an age of slightly over 4 years, which was done at 46% without chill filtration and at the natural colour, in order to preserve the full integrity of the whisky’s character and aromas.
Each of the 99 bottles of TAOL ESA comes in a wooden box, with its hand numbered certificate of origin and a decorated pewter flask.

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