It’s not often you can bottle up the Rockies, or cup your hands in a mountain stream. That’s why Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey does it for you. Stranahan’s is the first and only micro distillery in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains as well as one of the first in the country. You’ll never find another recipe like theirs. (According to their own words)

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is now available at the Stranahan’s Distillery. And, as supply allows, it’ll be found at selected bars, restaurants and liquor stores in the Denver area. After distribution is solidified on the Front Range, they will head West and start stockin’ up the high country. They anticipate the 2006 supply for the State of Colorado will be very limited so please be patient.

In the meantime, stay tuned to their website as they will update the list of places you can get Stranahan’s as more of our whiskey matures.

750ml bottles can be had at the distillery for $54.95 plus tax.

Learn more at Stranahans.