Still Young from Ardbeg

January 20, 2007

When destilleries all over the world do their best to launch 30 years+ Ardbeg does the opposite. And according to themselves, it’s a hit.

“We couldn’t possibly have conceived at the time just how enthusiastically folk would embrace the idea of Very Young Ardbeg” states Ardbeg on their site.



The Scotch blend from Islay has released their new flash website.
It features a truly original navigation that lets you explore lot of information about the classic blend. We like it!

Visit their site here

Port Charlotte, a fine dame

September 2, 2006

Port Charlotte
Two days ago, Bruichladdich launched the Port Charlotte Evolution PC5 Cask Strenght. The PC5 marks a new way forward compared to earlier Bruichladdich malts.

PC5 is peated to a level of 40 ppm, which puts it right up there with Laphroaig in terms of peatiness. PC5 Evolution is bottled at cask strength – and at 63.5% abv it exceeds that standard strength of your average cask strength whisky. (By comparison Laphroaig 10 year-old Cask Strength runs around 55.7% abv).

Not only is it an uncharacteristically heavily-peated whisky (most Bruichladdich expressions are lightly peated or unpeated), it’s the first Bruichladdich expression to be released that was distilled following the 2001 renovation of the once closed distillery.

PC5 is non-chill filtered and has no color added like all Bruichladdich tastes.

Be one of the lucky few to get your hands on one of the 1000 bottles out there.

Coming from no less a luminary than Jim Murray himself in JIM MURRAY’S WHISKY BIBLE 2006, he gives Laphroaig Quarter Cask 95 points out of 100 – where he classifies 94 to 97 point marked whiskies as being the ultimate ‘superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live’

These are his tasting notes:
NOSE 22 out of 25, Burning embers of peat in a crofters fireplace, sweet intense malt and lovely, refreshing citrus as well, TASTE 24 out of 25, mouth-watering, mouth-filling and mouth-astounding: the perfect weight of the smoke has no problems filling every crevice of the palate, builds towards a sensationally sweet maltiness at the middle; FINISH 24 out of 25, really long, and dries appropriately with smoke and spice. Classic Laphroaig ; BALANCE, 25 out of 25, a great distillery back to its awesome if a little sweet, self. Layer upon layer of sexed-up peatiness, this is the closest I remember it to some 30 years ago!

Check out the Quarter Casc campaign site.