Sweden – Finland, a cruise

January 25, 2007

Viking Line, a Swedish cruise company offers a whisky-cruise on feb 8th.

Get on a plane and fly to the lovely capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Once there, spend some time in our lovely bars and enjoy fine Whisky and women. Follow this up with a whisky-cruise to Finland and back.

The cruise lets you meet Burn Stewart.
After a three course dinner with accompanied whisky you’ll get the chance to try many different malts. The theme is “Burn Stewart Distillers Limited Collection”.

Among others the following will be tried out:
Scottish Leader Blended Malt 14 yo, Ledaig 10 yo and Bunnahabhain Special Limited Edition Port Wood.

Apart from trying different whiskies, you’ll get the chance to shop some special brands only available on Viking Lines tax-free.

Contact Viking Line for more info.

3 Responses to “Sweden – Finland, a cruise”

  1. Bjuppe Says:

    At those ferries to Finland, I´ve heard there are a lot of pretty single girls. Are there?

  2. Usually that’s the case 🙂

    (And men for you Whisky loving girls out there)

  3. BeRKA Says:

    Hmmf, wordpress removed my funny links about scabies in my last post… 😐


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