Viking Line, a Swedish cruise company offers a whisky-cruise on feb 8th.

Get on a plane and fly to the lovely capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Once there, spend some time in our lovely bars and enjoy fine Whisky and women. Follow this up with a whisky-cruise to Finland and back.

The cruise lets you meet Burn Stewart.
After a three course dinner with accompanied whisky you’ll get the chance to try many different malts. The theme is “Burn Stewart Distillers Limited Collection”.

Among others the following will be tried out:
Scottish Leader Blended Malt 14 yo, Ledaig 10 yo and Bunnahabhain Special Limited Edition Port Wood.

Apart from trying different whiskies, you’ll get the chance to shop some special brands only available on Viking Lines tax-free.

Contact Viking Line for more info.


Last Saturday John Sutherland, Distillery Manager of Glenrothes died after beeing taken into hospital earlier in the week.

These are the words of Luke Tegner, Glenrothes brand director.

“It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that John Sutherland,
the Distillery Manager at Glenrothes, died at the weekend. John was
taken into hospital last week, initially to Elgin then to Aberdeen and
Edinburgh. He went home at the end of the week, apparently never really
felt well, and died at home on Saturday morning.

John was so much more than the distillery manager. First and foremost a
true friend, John was a great character – larger than life, with a
fantastic and wicked sense of humour. He was an active and devoted
ambassador for The Glenrothes, fully involved both at the heart of its
production and as an evangelist on a global level.

I’m sure you will be as shocked and devastated as we are, as we will
miss him immeasurably. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with
John’s family.”

WhiskyGrotto sends our condolences to John’s family and friends.

According to multiple sources around the world, this is the ultimate guide to Scottish whisky distilleries, painstakingly researched by Misako Udo: a vital accessory for any dedicated whisky lover. With nearly a hundred working whisky distilleries in Scotland – and hundreds more that have shut down and been lost over the long centuries of Scotland’s infatuation with uisge beatha – there’s a great deal of information to cover and The Scottish Whisky Distilleries is the most thorough and meticulous cataloguing of the whisky industry in Scotland that there has ever been.

Misako Udo was so smitten by the aura of Scotch whisky as a teenager in Japan that she travelled halfway round the world to live in a strange country in which she knew no one, just to be close to its origin. She began to work as a tour guide and has now been a member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association for fifteen years, working with Japanese visitors to Scotland. She has guided everyone from ordinary tourists to whisky-industrial professionals and is an internationally recognised authority on Scottish whisky. After seventeen years in Scotland she has forsaken her Japanese passport and become a British citizen.

The Scottish Whisky Distilleries by Udo (Black & White Publishing) is out now

Visit! This website is about Single Malt Whisky, and everything that can be associated with Single Malts in an enjoyable way.

One of the cooler things on the site is the virtual reality tours through different distilleries
Virtual Reality Distillery is a feature on PeatFreak that tries to let you explore the world of single malts from behind your computer. You are virtually standing on a point, where you can interactively look around you in a 360 degree fashion using your left-mouse button. PeatFreak ads new tours as often as they can, so you can keep exploring the world of single malt distilleries of Scotland.

If you are into Whisky, is definetely worth a visit!

Picked up this one from the Scotch Blog.

A new irish whisky from William Grant & Sons that is all about manhood.
If you cant deal with it, don’t try it. The Knot will be test launched in February, in Boston, Wisconsin, Upstate New York and New Jersey; on-premise only (that means at bars & restaurants) due to limited supplies.

Visit the Shot of The Knot site

Malt Maniacs started out as a completely ‘virtual’ collective that only interacted on the world wide web. However, gradually they started to meet more often in real life – in fact, the earliest ‘maniacal’ meeting was in 1998 between Craig Daniels and yours truly in Amsterdam. All those ‘live’ dramming sessions were instructive and excellent fun – but they also added a brand new dimension to our ‘malt mania’.

Every now and then Malt Maniacs publishes what they call E-pistles. Now they have launched their 100th E-pistle.

Check it out at the Malt Maniacs own site.

Hanyu distillery was founded in 1941 in Hanyu city 60 km from Tokyo. It was licensed to make whisky in 1946, 54 years later the distillery was closed. Unfortunately the distillery was dismantled right after the company was sold in 2004.

In the Spring of 2005, during a private tasting in the Highlander Inn in Craigellachie Scotland, whisky lover Jeroen Koetsier came across an extraordinary cask sample of Hanyu. Soon after, a private cask of Hanyu 1988 was bought and bottled. Due to the excellent feedback from across the globe on both label and liquor, Full Proof Europe was founded.

Now you can get your hands on one of the bottles in a Limited edition of 408 numbered bottles. Bottled at Full Proof from cask 9204.

Visit Full Proof for more info